Refund and Cancellation Policy

Oye Turtle reserves the right to refuse/cancel any order

  • If it suspects a transaction is fraudulent,
  • If it suspects a customer has completed a transaction that is against the Terms of Use
  • For any other reason outside the control of Oye Turtle, such as causes for delivery-related logistical issues or anything else.
  • Any other reason arising at the time of order.
Policies for refunds and cancellations apply under the following circumstances:
Stage of Order Eligibility Policy
Design Stage In the event of cancellation, a Request is received within 48 hours from order booking or site measurement visit, whichever is earlier. 100% refund of the order booking amount
Design Stage In the event of cancellation request after order booking but before but site masking An amount of 50% of the advance paid or 10% of the total project value, whichever is less would be deducted as design and marketing costs. The Balance amount would be refunded.
Design Stage In the event of cancellation request after site masking but before 40% payment No Refund
Production Stage Any time after 40% payment No Refund. The customer will not receive any refund and further, the customer shall be obligated to pay the remaining price of the order value of the project.
2- For Furniture/Products Purchase
Stage of Order Policy
Within 24 hours 100% Refund
24 hours- 1 week 75% Refund
1 week - 2 weeks 50% Refund
After 2 weeks NO Refund
Refund Policy -

A) The amount deducted will be returned in the event of unsuccessful transactions or a double realization of an account for the same order.

B) Any bank or card transaction fees incurred by the buyer in the event of a canceled purchase or failed transaction will not be refunded.

C) Oye Turtle makes no promises about the timing or accuracy of reimbursements to the customer's card or account.

D) If there are partial cancellations, the amount reimbursed will match the partial cancellation.

E) There would be no refund on account of any loss during material transportation (Although we take utmost care and precautions at the time of delivery.)

F) At Oye Turtle, we take pride in the exceptional quality of our services and products. Our attention to detail in design, material and construction is unyielding. And so is our commitment to customer satisfaction

G) Most of our furniture is customized as per your specifications. Custom orders begin production immediately upon order and are built to your specifications. They cannot be canceled, changed, returned or refunded at any time. The only part altered in fabric has to be informed to our team within three days. If there is no feedback/request within the timeline, we will consider the same fabric as your final choice during ordering. WE DO NOT HAVE A 'CHANGE OF HEART' RETURN / EXCHANGE POLICY.

H) For any Cancellation Request made within 24 hours of payment, the Oye Turtle team would deduct an amount equivalent to Bank Transaction Charges and refund the money within 15 days.