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Oye Turtle brings bone inlay furniture range. Bone inlay art is one way to keep old and traditional art alive in modern world. It elaborates art in mix of luxury and antiquity. These bone inlay furniture pieces will be treasured for years to come which is Eye-catching and sophisticated. The polished bone is cruelty-free. Our craftsmen artfully hand carve each piece of bone and lay it meticulously onto the wood. Every part of the bone inlay furniture is fashioned by incredibly skilled workers, making each piece truly unique.

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  • Bone Inlay Table top
  • Table sealed with clear wax for easy cleaning
  • This piece is intended for indoor use.
  • No harsh chemicals for cleaning
  • Only soft cloth with warm soapy water adviced.

available dimension

  • Width overall: 36"
  • Depth overall: 36"
  • Height overall: 17"

Important Note: We’ve tried our best to represent products as closely to their real color however please note that colors and tones look different on different screens.

Variations occur in finish and size as each piece is individually handmade. Grains and colors of wood and veneer have natural variation.

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Coffee Tables Online: A Luxurious Décor Souvenir from the Past

Coffee tables cannot be limited to the definition of being a mere furniture specimen, they share a deep association with the 18th century Victorian Era, and the English High-Tea culture. Coffee tables were first designed in Britain and were a mark of opulence and choice of the elite. And like everything, coffee tables too travelled their journey to the 21st century with a fair share of evolution in its style and functionality. Though coffee tables are still not a common sight at every household, but people who realise their significance are very passionate about its design, shape and utility value. At Oye' Turtle, we have attempted to revive the golden era of coffee tables with a modern interpretation through our signature range. Satiate your need to buy a coffee table online at our website and enjoy benefits like 1-year warranty, timely delivery and free installation.

Things to Consider while Buying Coffee Tables Online

Coffee tables were initially designed to complement the fine dining experience by creating a fancy space to have tea or coffee with your guests. Today, apart from having tea, coffee tables are also used as décor fillers and as a storage space. Multiple uses of coffee tables make their selection a daunting task that needs to be carried out wisely. While looking to buy a coffee table online one must think through the following aspects:

Size and Shape: Shape and size requirements solely depend upon space availability in your house and your décor style. Our range of coffee tables feature rectangular, square, circular, shaped tables in all different size and shape options.

Style: Minimal, vintage, modern, quirky, we have coffee tables that can fit in to any of these and many more décor styles. Wood coffee table, tables with marble top, and the glass top are also available in our segment. Bone inlay range is the latest addition in our inventory and is one of the most coveted and hot-selling. We also have a classic  brown leather ottoman coffee table featuring a tufted design that can accentuate the ambiance of any room.

Storage: Apart from exhibiting a rich royal look to your space, coffee tables also grants you great space to store the daily utility stuff.

If you have been on the go for a while in search of the best wood coffee table, brown leather ottoman coffee table  online then it's time to end the quest at our exclusive collection. We have the best collection to offer, so explore our range today.