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Beds need to be warm and cosy, a space to shed all worries of the day, and for pleasant dreams, so that you wake up refreshed each morning. Our beds are specially crafted to provide absolute comfort and rest to your back, which in turn calms the mind. Their quality and durability is unparalleled.

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For beauty sleep, for a little afternoon nap, or to slip in to the sweet dreams after a tiring day at work, you need a comfortable bed and we excel in designing them! Our exclusive collection houses well-designed beds, that are crafted using superior quality wood. Because you spend a lot of time in your bed reading, eating, watching TV and sleeping, you should put in a lot of thought while purchasing one. A wrong sized bed can cause body aches while a substandard quality will waste your hard-earned money and will not last more than 2 to 3 years. Hence, while shopping for bedroom beds online one must focus on the following aspects:  

Manufacturing Material: Metal and wood are the two materials that are used in the manufacturing of beds. But wood is chosen over metal by most people because, it is lighter in weight and recommended by vastu experts. It is believed that metal or metal-based heavy furniture obstructs the flow of energy and attracts negative energy, which is why they are not a popular choice for furniture. Here at Oye' Turtle, we use premium quality kiln-dried solid wood which is light in weight, highly durable and can resist fungal or insect infestation.

Size: Double beds are available in two size variations, the bigger one between these two is termed as king-sized while the smaller is known as a queen-sized bed. We have a wide assortment of double beds online on our website that you can choose in any size specification depending upon your individual requirements. Our range also comprises low height beds and platform beds that are currently trending in décor fashion.  

Design: After quality, size and comfort, comes the design, an aspect that impacts the décor theme of a bedroom. To cater to the theme-based bedrooms, we have designs that you can add to cart without giving them a second thought. You will encounter multiple double beds online while surfing the internet, but our collection is unique and features cushioned headboard beds, and also beds with a slightly slanted headboard that keeps you comfortable for long hours.

Our approach to building a bed begins with thoughtful conceptualisation and perfect manufacturing of its design. These articles are compatible with a broad range of décor styles, for instance vintage, contemporary, and modern, so, eliminate boredom from your bedroom by purchasing an intriguing bedroom bed from our website today!